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Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through D.A.
All the creatures were stirring. They were on holiday!
A cold winter's night, with some days off for break's
The perfect time for artists to cure those art-aches.
The artists were nestled with the tools of their station,
With scrolling hands ready to find inspiration.
There was one young artist logging on with a smile
To sit back and think of what they hadn't in a while.
'Twas 10 years to the day since they'd made this account.
If they'd only known then what surprises would mount.
The features, the layouts, the widgets, the glee,
the DeviantMeets, the app, and the community.
In a world brimming with art, competition seems tough,
and it's easy -- alone -- to feel not good enough.
But the community on DeviantArt is so vast,
A new artist is kindred, without needing to ask.
One's watchers bring support, encouragement, praise,
criticism with care, a rare sight these days.
And then there are artists you yourself get to find
who bring in
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,420 8,776
After Death Pg1 :icon13thcatofthegate:13thcatofthegate 13 3 Sanctuary :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 19 9 Yin and Yang-1 :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 17 0 Errortale base :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 23 33 Reapertale Base (NEW) :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 29 30 Undertale Undernooottt page 44 :iconkell0x:Kell0x 29 2 Fluff page 1 :iconmaxlad:Maxlad 344 122 Underworld :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 23 3 Attack :iconmaxlad:Maxlad 345 91 Stars :iconmaxlad:Maxlad 327 117 Nightmare :iconmaxlad:Maxlad 404 151 Joking :iconmaxlad:Maxlad 186 43 Undertale CORE Corruption: Prologue :iconanocra:Anocra 101 22 The Afterlife :iconjade-alexandria:jade-alexandria 27 6
ChristmasTales 05: VillageTales
T'was the Night before Christmas and all through the Village, there was a panic... because Frisk was missing.
They swore they would protect the child... and yet here they were completely losing them. Toriel watched as each one of the different villagers rushed left and right in a panic. Sans and Papyrus were checking the outskirts to make sure Frisk didn't just wander too far away and forgot how to get back. Muffet was having her whole swarm of spiders spin up missing signs on their webs and spread it across the forest. Yet even though they were constantly posted through telegram... Frisk was no where in sight. And the Goat Monster really didn't know what to do. She had done from trying to help with the search, to crying for the child's safety.
Papyrus came running back, carrying Sans over his shoulder as Toriel lifted up her face, her eyes puffy red from crying. She took in a breath, trying not to her panic as she opened her mouth to ask if they had discovered anything about Frisk's d
:icontruebluejos:TrueBlueJos 28 27


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The-NoiseMaker Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, um, I don't mean to be a bummer could you please put some sort of credit if you're going to use a whole piece of my art as your icon?
sasukeuchiha6543 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016
I am sorry I didn't know I will make sure to do that when I get the chance sorry again 😞
CleopatraDiNekomata Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Student General Artist
:snowflake Thanks a lot for the fav! :snowflake
sasukeuchiha6543 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016
Your welcome
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